How to add Collections in a Project


A Collection record is a group of different types of artifacts. You can add related records of included record types in a Collection using Collection Editor.

This article describes how to add Collections in a Project.

Who should read this?

  • TopTeam Users


  • The newly created Collections record type must be included in your Project.

Refer to Step 4. of the article Adding Record Types to TopTeam Project to include the newly created record type in your Project using Project Wizard.

NOTE: Only after you have included Collections record type in your Project can you add records into the Collection.

Step 1. Go to Repository Explorer and select a Collections record type


Step 2. Collection Editor opens, enter a name for the collection


Collection is added and available in the repository


You can also create a collection by cloning an existing collection


Note that all the records that are included in the existing collection will automatically be included in the cloned collection.

For more information, refer to the article How to add and remove records from a Collection.

Revised: February 22nd, 2018