Filtering records in Tree editor based on Tags


Filtering records based on Tags enable you to query records that are included in the specified Tags.

You can filter records based on Tags using:
1. Tag Filter
2. Quick Filter

This article describes the steps to create and apply Tags Filter to any Tree editor in TopTeam.

You can also filter records in list editors based on Tags. Refer to the article Filtering records in List editor based on Tags.

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Step 1. Open any record type’s Tree editor

For information on opening a Tree editor, refer to the Option 3 in Opening List and Tree Editors in TopTeam article.

Step 2. Navigate to Manage Filters


Step 3. Create a new filter using the Manage Filters window

New Filter window opens showing Quick and Tag Filter tabs


1. Using Tag Filter

Step 1.1. Go to Tag Filter


  • Any: Select Anywhen you want to query records that are included in ANY of the specified tags.
  • All: Select All when you want to query records that are included in ALL i.e. are common to all of the specified tags.

Similarly, you can specify tags from which records should NOT be queried.

Step 1.2. Select Project, Record Type and Tags from which you want to query records

Step 1.3. Tags have been specified from which to query records


For further steps, refer to Step no. 4 and Step no. 6.

2. Using Quick Filter

Step 2.1. Go to Quick Filter


Step 2.2. Select a Tag for which you want to query records


Step 4. Specify whether or not to query a record hierarchy that does not match the filter condition


  • The first option will not query records and their children if they do not match the filter condition.
  • The second option will query parent records of records that match the filter condition, and even if the parent records do not match the filter condition.

Step 5. Enter filter name


Step 6. Newly created Tag filter displays in the Manage Filters window. Apply the filter.


Records display based on the newly created filter


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To understand the overall concept of Tags, refer to the article Using Tags in TopTeam.

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Revised: January 16th, 2020