Using Data Filters

What are Data Filters?

Data Filters enable you to fetch records as per specified criteria. The criteria on which filtering occurs differs from one Record Type to another i.e. filter fields may vary depending upon Record Type selection.

A new data filter can be created using Manage Filters option available in all List/Tree editors. Data Filters can be of two types Private or Public Filters. Private Filter is visible only to you whereas, Public Filters are visible to all users of the system.

NOTE: Create Public Views and Filters privilege is required to create a Public Filter.


When to use it?

Use Data Filters to:

  • Fetch records by selecting Filter Type, Project, etc.
  • Create a new Private/Public Filter
  • Create a data filter with Quick, Advanced or Relational Conditions
  • Modify an existing data filter
  • Change Visibility of a data filter from Private to Public and vice-versa
  • Copy/clone a data filter
  • Export/import a data filter
  • Delete a data filter

Getting Started

You can access online help for Data Filters from the link below:

Video – Getting Started with Data Filters