How to customize or define Notification Templates for Minutes of Meeting


TopTeam provides Notification Templates for inviting or sending agenda/minutes of a meeting to team members. You can also create your own Notification Templates or customize existing templates.

This article explains how to customize or define Notification Templates for sending agenda/minutes of a meeting.

Who should read this?

  • TopTeam Users

Step 1. Open a Minutes of meeting record from Repository Explorer


Step 2. Modify an existing Notification Template


Step 3. Select a Notification Template to edit it


Meeting Agenda: This template is used for inviting attendees.
Meeting Minutes: This template is used for sending minutes.

Step 4. Edit Notification Template window opens, modify selected Notification Template as desired


Step 4.1. Add or modify values in body of Notification Template


Step 4.2. Modify Notification Template Name


The modified Notification Template will now be used for inviting attendees.

Step 5. You can also define a new Notification Template


New Notification Template window opens, where you can define a Template as per your needs


Revised: May 9th, 2018