TopTeam OraTrackerTM

What is TopTeam OraTracker?

TopTeam OraTrackerTM is a new category of tool specially designed for Oracle Development Tools, Designer and Oracle Database objects.

It has a variety of different components designed to help you with improving project communications, creating project plans, managing requirements, tracking QA tasks, issues, change requests, defects etc. TopTeam will help you deliver top quality applications on time.

TopTeam OraTracker fills the void

TopTeam OraTrackerTM is the solution many developers and project managers have been waiting for. It fills the need for an integrated development support tool felt by Oracle development teams.

Start using TopTeam OraTracker on your Oracle project in three simple steps: 

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Step 1

Install TopTeam OraTracker


Step 2

Run TopTeam OraTracker synchronizers to effortlessly import development artifacts from Oracle Development tools, Designer and Oracle Database Objects

Step 3

Start Managing Requirements, Tracking To-Do's, QA Tasks, Change Requests, Defects, Releases, etc. against them.




Key Benefits and Features

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Absolutely nothing falls through the cracks anymore

Track every Task, Issue, Change Request, Defect and more

  • Define workflow to automatically route tracking items to team members.

  • Perform root cause analysis for Defects.

  • Perform Impact analysis for Change Requests.

  • Record Issue resolutions permanently for future reference.

Make informed decisions about approving Change Requests

Hierarchical Change Requests

  • Break down each Change Request hierarchically into Sub-CRs, Tasks, Issues, QA activities, etc.

  • Estimate effort and cost required to complete all activities related to a Change Request.

Understand the full impact of Change Requests

Impact Analysis and Identification

  • TopTeam OraTracker helps you identify every development artifact (Table, Class, Stored Procedure, Module, Page etc) which needs to be modified in order to implement a change request or to fix a defect.

Ensure team members are aware of tracking item inter-dependencies

Specify dependencies for tracking items

  • Define how a tracking item is dependent on completion of tracking items such as tasks, CRs, etc.
    e.g. To implement a CR it might be important to execute items sequentially: Modify a DB table, Modify a stored procedures, Perform testing, etc.

  • Easily implement complex Change Requests with several interdependent tasks executed by different team members.

Maintain links between related tracking items

Specify relationships between tracking items

  • Identify duplicate items. e.g. an enhancement request that has been requested twice or a defect that has been reported multiple times.

  • Define links between tracking items. e.g. if the resolution of an issue has resulted in creation of change requests, you can link them back to their originating issue to maintain history and context.

Clearly communicate project plan to all team members

Project plan with Task hierarchy (WBS)

  • Define project plan by creating high level tasks.

  • Break down high level tasks into smaller tasks to an unlimited depth (WBS).

  • Synchronize plan with MS Project. (Available from version 1.3)

Manage projects by incremental releases

Release Management

  • Ability to define releases by Project.

  • Precisely specify which development artifacts such as requirements, functions, stored procedures, triggers or modules are included in a release.

  • Precisely specify which tracking items such as Change Requests, Tasks, Defects are to be implemented for a release.

  • Easily calculate the total effort involved in a release.

Ensure quality for every development artifact

Tasks and CRs against individual development artifacts

  • Proactively plan, schedule and assign QA activities against individual artifacts. e.g. Code reviews, Unit tests etc against stored procedures, modules, etc.

  • Easily identify and track artifacts with incomplete QA activities.

  • Define standard checklists against every development object type.

Promote ownership among team members
  • Specify a team member as owner for every development artifact. e.g. Every stored procedure, module, class or form can have an owner.

Preserve project knowledge embedded in email communications

Record all project email communications

  • Never lose the knowledge embedded in email communications of project team members.

  • TopTeam OraTracker  records every email communication thread-wise in a searchable database.

  • Every important discussion or exchange is recorded permanently for search by any team member or for future reference.

  • Continue to use your favorite email tool such as Outlook, Eudora or Hotmail!  TopTeam OraTracker  will faithfully record the email communication.

Improve Project Communications

Advanced Threaded discussions

  • Start threaded discussions for any repository object, tracking item or at the project level.

  • Discussions automatically appear in your email and TopTeam OraTracker  inboxes.

  • Participate by replying from your email inbox or from TopTeam OraTracker  Inbox.



Shared Document Repository

  • Place all project documents in a versioned repository accessible to all team members.

  • Communicate requirements, standards, guidelines; even keep test data or any other type of files relevant to the project.

  • Check-in/Check-out feature ensures that one person is allowed to edit a document at one time.

Advanced Notifications & Messaging

  • Send messages with attached TopTeam OraTracker  records such as a repository object or Tracking Item. This allows you to communicate with fewer words and yet with more relevant information.

  • Notifications appear in the email inboxes and TopTeam OraTracker  inboxes of recipients.

  • Single click on an attachment brings up the detailed information about the attached repository object or tracking item.

Built-in Instant Messenger

  • Presence list - See who is online.

  • Communicate in real time with TopTeam OraTracker  users.

  • Capture a screenshot with built-in utility and instantly send it over for a quick review or discussion.

Work as a unified team, whether across the cubicle or across time zones

Distributed team capability

  • Distributed teams easily connect to TopTeam OraTracker  server over the internet.

  • Communicate easily with built-in instant messenger and messaging tools.

  • TopTeam OraTracker  stores all timestamps internally in GMT (UTC) and displays it in the current user's time zone.


TopTeam OraTracker  will give you the answers to these and many other questions:

What all is going to get impacted if I approve this change request? How much effort and cost is involved?

How many tasks, bugs and change requests are pending against my module?

Have we completed unit tests on all stored procedures?

Which modules need to be completed, change requests to be implemented, and which defects need to be fixed for the upcoming release?

Is this task or change request dependent on some other task or Issue?

How many critical bugs are still unresolved?

What are the team members working on today?

Where is that document about coding standards?

Did every impact or component of the Change Request get implemented and tested in this release?

How much work is remaining for this release?

How should I set the expectation of my customer about the expected finish date?

TopTeam OraTracker  is an essential tool for any Oracle development project. There is no other tool quite like it.  TopTeam OraTracker  has many benefits to offer, the best way to find out is to experience it yourself.

TopTeam OraTracker  is currently in public beta stage. You are welcome to use it for free by joining our beta program.

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