How to create a new Collections record type


You can create a new Collections record type in TopTeam via the Administration section, to meet your organization’s specific needs.

This article explains how to create a new Collections record type.

Who should read this?

  • TopTeam Administrators
  • TopTeam Users

Step 1. Go to the Administration section and click Configure System Record Types


Step 2. Click Edit Record Types


Step 3. Record Type Editor opens, select Collections record type


Step 4. Click the New Record Type drop-down menu and select the wizard option


NOTE: To include other record types in your Collection, you must create your Collection via the New Record Type using Wizard… option only.

Step 5. Create Record Type Wizard opens


Step 6. Enter a Name for the Record Type


For the next steps of this wizard, refer to the article Creating Custom Record Types.

Step 7. Select Record Types that you want to allow to be included in this Collection


Step 8. Specify if you want to include the collection type in Global Project


Step 9. View Action Summary and click Create to create the new Collections Record Type


Step 10. Collections record type has been created


Click Finish to exit the wizard.

NOTE: You may need to edit the newly created Collections record type such as to add/remove other record types from it.

To edit the newly created Record Type, click Edit… in the Record Type Editor toolbar


Step 11. Include the newly created Collections record type in your Project using Project Wizard

Refer to Step 4. of the article Adding Record Types to TopTeam Project to include the newly created Collections record type in your Project, as shown below.

Go to Include/Exclude Record Types from the Project page in Project Wizard and select the newly created Collections record type to include it in your Project


Products record type has been included in your Project.

Revised: February 11th, 2019