Unleash the potential of Use Cases

Experts agree, Use Cases are the most effective means of capturing and documenting functional requirements.

With Visual Use Case, you can write effective Use Cases easily, in less time, and with unprecedented precision.

What is Visual Use CaseTM 2009?

Visual Use CaseTM is a revolutionary, easy to use Use Case Authoring & Diagramming tool.

Visual Use Case will help you...

easily write Use Cases using Wizards
rapidly author Use Case flow-of-events with a specialized word processor
document logic precisely using "Structured English"
visualize your Use Case flow using the automatically generated activity diagrams
draw Use Case diagrams with an integrated editor
generate presentation quality documents with a single click!

 In addition, the team edition of Visual Use Case helps:

the entire team work on Use Cases collaboratively
share Use Cases in real time and reduce miscommunication
geographically dispersed project members work as a unified team

Whether you are new to Use Cases or you are an experienced Business Analyst, Visual Use Case is guaranteed to fit your needs.  Visual Use Case will help you write effective Use Cases faster and help you document your system's requirements accurately.

How does Visual Use CaseTM fit into your project?

Experts agree, the most important element of Use Case Analysis is the authoring of Use Case "flow" or "narrative". However traditional UML tools provide poor support for this all important activity. As a result, project teams often use word processors and a myriad of templates to document Use Cases.

Using word processors to write Use Cases has several pitfalls:

  • Team members use different styles to write Use Cases.

  • It is often difficult to tell who has the latest version of a document.

  • It is difficult to tell who changed the Use Case and when and most importantly "what was changed?".

  • If a Use Case is modified, what design and code is impacted as a result.

  • Whenever you change a flow-of-events by inserting or removing a step, all steps and corresponding extensions have to be manually renumbered to make the Use Case consistent.

  • And worst of all, much of the effort is wasted because Use Case documents become obsolete very fast, because the step numbering has to be maintained, links to <<include>> and <<extend>> have to be maintained, references from 'Alternate' flows have to be maintained and so on.

  • In short, word processor documents place a heavy workload on team to maintain and ensure that they are current, consistent and distributed to all stakeholders.

Visual Use Case provides a highly effective Use Case authoring platform for writing 'live' hyperlinked Use Cases that can be easily maintained and shared with everyone. Whenever needed, you can also generate word processor documents from them.

Sample Use Case Document

Sample Use Case document automatically generated from Visual Use Case.
    This template can be easily customized using MS Word!


Key Benefits and Features

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Work collaboratively & reduce miscommunication

Multi-user repository

  • Multiple users can connect simultaneously to the Use Case repository.

  • Visual Use Case automatically ensures that two users don't overwrite each others work.

  • Use Cases are stored in industry standard database servers such as Oracle, Interbase, Firebird (included with Visual Use Case).

  • Your users can view the latest versions of use cases that the development team is implementing.

  • Everyone always has access to the latest versions of Use Cases.

Keep track of Who, What and When

Versioned Repository

  • Automatically keep a record of who changed a use case, when and exactly what was changed.

  • Automatically keep a record of every version of the use case document for reference or lookup.

  • If something goes wrong, you can always backtrack to an older version of use case considered stable.


Write Uses Case "flows" that are alive

Live hyperlinks to <<included>> and <<extended>> Use Cases

  • Embed 'live' hyperlinks to <<included>> and <<extended>> Use Cases.

  • Easily navigate to related use cases with a click.

  • Hyperlinks stay valid and active even when you change names for <<included>> or <<extended>> use cases.


Say good bye to tedious re-numbering of steps with every change!

Automatic re-numbering of steps and links to 'Alternate Flows' etc

  • Want to add step in between a 50 step Use Case with 10 branches to alternate flows?

  • Go ahead and do it, Visual Use Case will automatically re-number steps and maintain correct references from 'Alternate flows' etc.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Integrated Use Case Diagramming tool

  • Create Use Case diagrams to communicate better with users and developers.

  • Diagramming tool is integrated with repository.

  • Actors and Use Cases placed on the diagram are automatically available in the repository for further elaboration.

Say good bye to word processor

Powerful 'Rich text editing' with document generation

  • Visual Use Case provides a structured editing environment for Use case which is far better than using an ordinary word processor

  • 'Rich text editing' feature ensures that you wont miss your favorite word processor.

  • Continue to use your favorite styles such as bold, italics, bullets, embedded tables and images, etc.

  • When needed, generate word processor documents as per your defined templates.



Improve Project Communications

Advanced Threaded discussions

  • Start threaded discussions for any use case or at the project level.

  • Discussions automatically appear in your email inbox and Visual Use Case inbox.

  • Participate by replying from your email inbox or from Visual Use Case Inbox.



Shared Document Repository

  • Place all project documents in a versioned repository accessible to all team members.

  • Communicate requirements, standards, guidelines; even keep test data or any other type of files relevant to the project.

  • Check-in/Check-out feature ensures that only one person is allowed to edit a document at one time.

Advanced Notifications & Messaging

  • Send messages with attached Visual Use Case records such as a use case. This allows you to communicate with fewer words and yet with more relevant information.

  • Notifications appear in the email inboxes and Visual Use Case inboxes of recipients.

  • Single click on an attachment brings up the detailed information about the attached use case.

Communicate in real time - Built-in Instant Messenger

  • Presence list - See who is online.

  • Communicate in real time with Visual Use Case users.

  • Capture a screenshot with built-in utility and instantly send it over for a quick review or discussion.

Work as a unified team, whether across cubicles or across time zones

Distributed team capability

  • Distributed teams easily connect to Visual Use Case server over the internet.

  • Communicate easily with built-in instant messenger and messaging tools.

  • Visual Use Case stores all timestamps internally in GMT (UTC) and displays it in the current user's time zone.



Download Visual Use Case 2009
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What are the System Requirements for Visual Use Case?

Visual Use Case Application Server - System Requirement

  • Operating System - Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003 Server

  • RAM - 512 MB (for up to 10 concurrent users)

  • Disk space - 35 MB (initial space, more space is needed as files and records are added to the repository)

  • CPU  - Minimum  Pentium III 750 MHz,  Recommended Pentium IV  1.4 GHz or higher

Visual Use Case Net Client - System Requirement

  • Operating system - Windows 2000, Windows XP

  • RAM - Minimum 256 MB, Recommended 512 MB

  • Disk space - 35 MB (initial space, more space is needed as files and records are added to the repository)

  • CPU  - Minimum  Pentium III 750 MHz,  Recommended Pentium IV  1 GHz or higher


If you use Use Cases or are planning to use Use Cases to document your system's behavior, Visual Use Case will help improve your team's productivity.

Visual Use Case has many benefits to offer, the best way to find out is to experience it for yourself.

You can start using Visual Use Case by downloading a free trial version.
Click here to download your Visual Use Case  now!


Coming soon..
Integration with Microsoft VSTS 2010


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