Using Quick Explorer


Quick Explorer is a floating window that displays records available in TopTeam repository. It is the fastest method to locate any record in the repository. While you are working on a record or any editor, this tool can be collapsed and used whenever required. Additionally, you can quickly create traceability links using this feature.

Who should read this

  • TopTeam Users

When to use Quick Explorer

You can use Quick Explorer for the following:

  • To browse the repository.
  • To open or refer to a record while working in TopTeam.
  • To add trace records using drag-and-drop technique.
  • To embed records in rich text field using drag-and-drop technique or copy paste.

How to open Quick Explorer

Launch Quick Explorer from How do I?.

There are various other methods to open Quick Explorer.

Refer to the article How to open Quick Explorer.

User Interface of Quick Explorer

For understanding user interface in detail, refer to the article User Interface of Quick Explorer.

Adding Traceability Links

Quick Explorer provides one of the methods of adding traceability links between records.

For information on how to perform this action, refer to the article Adding Traceability Links using Quick Explorer.

Embedding records in Rich Text Editor

Creating embedded record links is easy while working in a rich text editor using Quick Record Access.

For more information on how to perform this action, refer to the article Embedding Records in Rich Text Editor using Quick Explorer.

Revised: August 27th, 2019