Using Glossary List

What is the Glossary list?

The Glossary list or Terms list provides a spreadsheet-like view of all the Terms within a currently selected project.

You can access this list from Repository Explorer > Requirements > Glossary > Open Glossary. Refer to the image below.


Glossary list


When to use it?

Use the Glossary list to perform the following functions:

  • Create a new Term (or abbreviation).
  • Clone an existing Term.
  • Delete a Term.
  • Modify a Term using the options in the Glossary Actions side panel, in the list toolbar or by right-clicking on a Term.
  • Access the Glossary editor using the Split Window feature.
  • Add a Term to a baseline.
  • Spell-check Terms.
  • Generate a document of the Glossary.
  • Import or export the Glossary.

Getting Started

You can access online help for the Glossary list from the link below:

Video – Getting Started with Terms