This is what our users are TopTeam/Visual Use Case and find out why!
Shawn Shannon - Programmer / Analyst,
Barrie, Ontario Canada

"We have used Top Team Enterprise edition for 3 production projects thus far."

"I spent a lot of time reviewing your competitor's products, Borland and Rational, before deciding to go with Top Team. Top Team is the best hands down, from a functionality point of view as well as a license cost point of view. Your approach to Top Team offering a COMPLETE central portal for analysis and requirements work has translated directly into our team producing better quality, more consistent and professional analysis documents in a better timeframe. While other competitor's products stop at the design portion of the system development life cycle, we also use Top Team for testing and issue tracking during the development phases of the project."

"Backing all this up has been quick, helpful, knowledgeable support from your team during my involvement in the Beta stage of Top Team through to our use of your production release software."

"Thanks again for such a great product. We look forward to using your product to better our business for years to come."


"I am enjoying using Top Team. It allows me more creative time, instead of document formatting time, so my analysis is better and more detailed."

Carl Knowlan
Senior Analyst & Product Manager
Houston, Texas

Jeff Dutton
Senior Information Systems Analyst
The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, USA

"I am a relatively new user of TopTeam, and am discovering that it is a very powerful and useful product. TopTeam has an impressive array of features, which I am continuing to discover and appreciate on almost a daily basis.

I particularly appreciate having a single repository for Use Cases, Requirements and externally created documents, which can be dynamically linked and cross-referenced." 


"I've been waiting many years for such a tool. Some of its key features are real time savers, e.g. :

- The use case authoring tool
- The automatic flow charts
- And many more features which were obviously planned & developed by someone who's been through the problems of SDLC."

A. R.
Senior Project Manager
Ing. Billy Simón Msc
Departamento Programación
HERMES Soluciones de Internet

"Well, it is hard to tell with words how exiting it's been using Top Team.  As a software developer I really appreciate the work you have done, Top Team is among the best software products I've ever used."

"Before I discovered TopTeam I was looking for a Use Case authoring tool that allowed me to create Use Cases following the style described in the book "Writing effective Use Cases" by Alistair Cockburn.  I found several tools but none was satisfactory because they exhibited poor functionality or the price was too high.  I was astonished when I found TopTeam because it offers more functionality than other more expensive tools.  After trying TopTeam for a while I was impressed by the high quality of the product and its broad functionality. And above all I realized that Top Team is much more than a Use Case authoring tool, it is a tool that supports a team of software developers through the entire project life cycle."

"TopTeam has allowed us to improve our software development process from requirement gathering to maintenance.  TopTeam stands alone in the market of CASE tools due to its broad functionality, high quality and affordable price. There is no other CASE tool that offers so many features and power at such a good price."

"TopTeam developers paid a lot of attention to many details that makes a software developers' life a lot easier,  for instance RTF editors, ability to embed screenshots, attach files, spell checker, customizable views, filters and its UI, customizable document templates, ..."

"TopTeam also has tools that foster inter-team communication such as: centralized repository of documents and records, notifications, discussions, instant messenger, tracking items, etc."

"TopTeam's features that we love:

  • Superb use case and requirement authoring modules with integrated glossary

  • Tracking items: problem reports, issues, etc.  You can link tracking items to other project artifacts

  • Documentation generation in html or rtf based on customizable templates

  • Support for project management

  • Excellent collaboration tools: document repository, notifications, integrated instant messenger and discussions

  • Change and version control of project artifacts

  • Highly integrated features allows project traceability

  • Integrated spell checker

  • Highly configurable: record types, list of values, state transitions, etc.

  • Advanced and powerful user interface

  • Fine grained administration of users and security

  • Multi-user centralized database and repository"


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