TopTeam Feature Matrix

Feature Matrix
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Enterprise Edition Visual
Use Case
TopTeam Analyst

TopTeam Life Cycle Suite
(Firebird) or SQL Server

TopTeam Life Cycle Suite


Use Cases

State-of-the-art Main Flow, Alternate Flow Editor
Automatically generate Activity diagram from Flow Text
Automatic Versioning of Use Case Flow/Properties
Use Cases “Trace Into” other system elements
Use Cases “Trace From” other system elements

Requirements Management

Hierarchical Requirements Structure  
Requirements Tree  
Exclusive WYSIWYG document style editor for Requirements Hierarchy  
Online Documents with hyperlinks to any Development Artifact  
Application Simulation via Screen Prototypes  
Define Requirement Types  
Define Life Cycle (States) for each Requirement Type. i.e. Approval / Implementation Process.  
Define Workflow for each Requirement Type  


Define Life Cycle (States/Stages) for Tracking Items    
Define Life Cycle (States/Stages) for Development Artifacts
Auto assignment of Tracking Items based on rules    
Auto assignment of Development Artifacts based on rules

Release Management

Identify specific Tracking items as Deliverables for a Release
Identify specific Requirements, Use Cases, etc. as Deliverables for a Release
Visualize Release Plan via Dashboard


Trace any system element to any other system element  
Customize Traceability rules. i.e. which element type can trace into which other element type.  
Create and Visualize Traceability using four different interfaces  
Trace Diagram  
Trace Matrix  
Trace Network Diagram  
Trace Explorer  

Document Management

Add any kind of file to the Document Repository
Check-In/Check-Out control
Organize files in nested folders
Lock documents to prevent further modification
Automatic Versioning
Baseline (Snapshot/Label)

Drawing Tools

Use Case Diagram
Screen Navigation Diagram  
State Diagram  
Free Form Diagram (Use For, Process Flow, etc.)  

Collaboration Tools

Subscribe for Notifications whenever a Tracking Item or Development Artifact is modified    
Send Notification with an attached record (Tracking Item or Development Artifact)
Threaded Discussions
Record Minutes of Meeting in rich editor (email directly to participants)  
Send Instant Message to any Online User


Easily customize any RTF report template using MS Word or RTF editor
Instantly generate RTF report output from all editors
Include Diagrams in RTF reports
Generate customizable HTML output from any editor
Generate tabular HTML output from Grids and Trees

Tracking & Project Management


Hierarchical Structure. Break down any Tracking Item into Sub-Items to any depth

Change Request Management    
Bug Tracking    
Capture Screenshot and attach to Defect/CR, etc.
Impact Analysis: for any CR/Defect etc.    
Project Planning (WBS)    
Unplanned (Ad hoc) Task Tracking    
Define a unique Life Cycle (States) for each Item type    
Define a unique Workflow for each Item type    
Object Repository: Store and Reference all development artifacts    


Import references to Source files: Visual SourceSafe Synchronizer    
Import references to sources files from a folder hierarchy: Files Synchronizer    
Import references to Stored Procedures, Triggers, Tables: Oracle DB objects synchronizer    
Import references to Entities, Modules, Functions, etc.: Oracle Designer Synchronizer    
Feature Matrix
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