Visual RequirementsTM  

Good Requirements = Better SoftwareTM 



What is Visual RequirementsTM?

Visual RequirementsTM is a unique tool that provides a "complete solution" for Requirements gathering and management.

-  State-of-the-art Use Case Authoring and Modeling
-  Rich Requirements Capture and Management
-  Powerful repository for all Requirements artifacts such as
   Screen Prototypes, Documents, etc.
-  Advanced Traceability creation and visualization
-  Integrated Issue Tracking and Change Proposal system
-  Multi-user repository with a full suite of Collaboration Tools

Why Manage Requirements?

Poor requirements are the primary cause of many project failures.  In fact, several studies have shown that omissions, errors or misunderstandings in Requirements can cost more than 100 times to fix when a system is deployed as compared to identifying and fixing them when the system is in the Requirements phase.
Visual Requirements will help you...

-  Gather requirements effectively
-  Express requirements accurately
-  Communicate requirements clearly you can build systems that make your users happy!


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